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rec8EEJmJzCdopVzu Santa Cruz County (Updated: Apr 15) **Eligibility**: Age 16+ **County restrictions**: Must be a resident of Santa Cruz. **Appointment Information**: If you wish to sign up for vaccines, please click this link:  **[](**. **Phone numbers**: If you are over 65, call the Bridges to Access Vaccination Helpline to get assistance in obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine at (831) 219-8607. Leave a message with your name, phone number, age and zip code and you will  get a call back within 48 hours. **Additional Info**: Residents interested in vaccines should first contact their medical provider. Vaccines are also available through sites listed on the chart below. Residents should also sign up for MyTurn to be notified once they are eligible, by visiting **[](**. The Public Health Division will distribute vaccine through the counties **[local vaccine plan](**. For information about registering for an appointment with various health care providers, click this link: <>   53 39 16