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recFriRxcb5aA4Crq Mariposa County (Updated: Apr 20) **Eligibility**: Age 16+ Mariposa County has the Pfizer vaccine available at a few clinics. Pfizer which is the only vaccine with an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for 16 years and older. **Mariposa County Public Health **will be pulling names from their COVID-19 Vaccine Contact List and have enough doses to reach more people than they currently have on the list. If you or people you know are eligible, please visit []( **County restrictions**: Must be a resident of Mariposa county **Appointment Information**: Fill out a form to be placed on the contact list, by clicking on this link: <> If you have already submitted your contact information and have not been called yet, please dial (209) 966-1133 for a recorded update on where our County currently is in the vaccine administering schedule. **Phone numbers**: If you do not have access to the internet, please call (209) 259-1332 for assistance   12 10 16