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id County Notes Official volunteering opportunities County vaccination reservations URL Vaccine info URL Vaccine locations URL Total reports Yeses age_floor_without_restrictions
recMD5hrJf1iGh0On San Luis Obispo County (Updated: Apr 13) **Eligibility:** 16+ **County restrictions:** Must be a SLO county resident or work in SLO county **Appointment Information:** Visit this page to make an appointment: <> **Phone numbers:** Public Health Information Line at (805) 788-2903 **Additional Info:** Specific signup details for Essential workers (including Emergency services & Food and Agriculture) can be found on the County site. <> Note: Residents with high-risk medical conditions or disabilities will be required to truthfully self-attest to their eligibility by having **[a high-risk medical condition as defined by the California Department of Public Health](**. 56 44 16