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recgC68ghhJW0EDz4 Ventura County (Updated: Apr 15) **Eligibility**:16+ **County restrictions**:Live or work in Ventura County **Appointment Information**:Please note, only Pfizer is approved for use for those age 16-17. As of March 27th Ventura County is having registration for the COVID vaccine through the state My Turn system.  <> **Phone numbers**:805-477-7161(for those with limited internet access)  **Additional Info**:Appointments open on Monday mornings at 7 am online and at 8 am on the phoneline . Appointments also open throughout the week from cancellations and/or additional allocations from the state. The Area Agency on Aging provides transportation services for older adults that are in need of transportation to a vaccine appointment or for COVID-19 testing. This includes people that need lift assist as well as gurney transportation. The driver will take the individual, wait for them, help them at the site and take them home. To schedule a ride call 805-477-7300 Need a first dose? Vaccine appointments are currently available for April 12 at the vaccine site in Santa Paula, located at the former K-Mart building at 895 Faulkner Rd. Register at []( The type of vaccine being provided is Pfizer.   190 138 16