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recjptepZLP1mzVDC Napa County (Updated: Apr 15) **Eligibility**: 16+ **County restrictions**:Napa County's vaccination efforts are available for those who either live or work in Napa County  **Appointment Information**:**Schedule through the California MyTurn system online at: <>** **Phone numbers:**(833) 422-4255. or [(707) 253-4270]( Napa County Public Health **Additional Info**:Website also in Spanish [Kaiser Permanente]( has a COVID-19 vaccine webpage for members to check their vaccine status online. [Rite Aid's]( COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduler [St. Joseph Health]( outlines how they're reaching out to eligible patients. [Sutter Health's vaccine resource page]( has ways to check eligibility and schedule appointments. 37 22 16