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recl8GEIaG1m1qokG Merced County (Updated: Apr 13) **Eligibility**: 16+, or in Education, Emergency services, Childcare, and Food and Agriculture workers, and people in the following groups: - Individuals that are 16+ years of age with high-risk health conditions and disabilities; - Individuals in congregate settings (homeless, incarcerated, etc.); and - Public transit workers. **County restrictions**: Must be a Merced county resident or work in Merced county **Appointment Information**: For locations and appointment information please click this link: <> **Phone numbers**: **Additional Info**: In order to schedule an appointment to receive your COVID-19 vaccination, the Merced County Public Health Department has developed a COVID-19 Eligibility Certification form which will ask a series of questions designed to determine the phase and tier that you are in. Please click this link to complete the form: [Vaccination Registration - Vaccinate Merced County]( COVID-19 Vaccinations Available Now April 2nd - Los Banos Fairgrounds! [](! 64 45 16