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recq5HeJCFHGSIzrq El Dorado County (Updated: Apr 16) **Eligibility:** 16+ **County Restrictions:** Must live or work in El Dorado County. **Appointment Information:** Minors ages 16-17 require a parent/guardian to be present at time of vaccination. The county directs all residents to contact their primary care provider as their first and best option to receive a vaccine. You may need to provide proof of age, residency, and/or employment status in the county at the time of your appointment. For locations and appointment information please click this link: <> **Phone Numbers:** Seniors 75+ who need extra help scheduling an appointment for the vaccine can call 530-295-4101. Call the county's COVID phone line at 211 or 833-223-9797, or email []( **Additional Info:** Seniors 75+ can also receive assistance at each of its county libraries, with more information here: <>. For those who are not currently eligible to receive a vaccine, you can sign up for notifications about phases/tier changes using this form: <>. Contact with any questions. 36 29 16