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recyKBuA9lxrJc339 Alpine County (Updated: Apr 17) **Eligibility:** 16+ **County restrictions: **Must be an Alpine county resident (whether full-time resident OR part-time resident & property owner) or essential worker in Alpine county. **Appointment Information:** As of Feb 24th, County is requesting anyone 18+ (that is eligible as per the "county restrictions" section above) to call the Warm Line below and register their interest. A list will be complied, and names will be prioritized based on age, underlying medical conditions, occupation, and residency. - Woodfords and Bear Valley – call the Warm Line at 530-694-1011 - Washoe Tribal Health Center – call 775-265-8622 **Phone numbers:** Individuals without access to the internet can call the Warm Line at 530-694-1011. **Additional Info:** <>   1 1 16