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id ▼ Name County Address Latitude Longitude Location Type Has Report Appointment scheduling instructions Availability Info Latest report Latest report notes Latest report yes? Affiliation google_places_id vaccinefinder_location_id vaccinespotter_location_id
rec3oXwidAZOdbsrg Eastside Health Center Riverside County 1970 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507 33.97533 -117.35455 Hospital / Clinic 1 (951) 213-3450 ["Yes: appointment calendar currently full", "Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-05T18:47:37.000Z ["May 5: Call to be added to the waitlist and the pharmacy will call to notify patrons when the vaccine is available."] 1 Borrego Health ChIJPxTCOCKu3IARnrAjEuc-akw 2b568e71-9c2b-4d87-b31c-d68d3cfb4be9  
recAB9hiWdOz7rjJk Centro Medico Cathedral City Riverside County 69175 Ramon Rd Suite A, Cathedral City, CA 92234 33.81381 -116.4564 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 321-6776 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-13T18:23:12.000Z ["May 13: Walk-ins are accepted Mondays and Fridays from 8:30AM-12PM."] 1 Borrego Health ChIJKQ1m3CId24ARl53lz6YGUPc    
recAsjo7AITEAngef San Jacinto Health Center Riverside County 651 N State St Ste 5, San Jacinto, CA 92583 33.79541 -116.97011 Hospital / Clinic 1 (951) 487-8506 ["Yes: appointment calendar currently full", "Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-13T17:59:50.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJdzbOJ4lo24ARPP9nuOyOuHU    
recEJfVRWVaq9tkdw Arlanza Family Health Center Riverside County 8856 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92503 33.94594 -117.46748 Hospital / Clinic 1 (951) 710-3970 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-13T16:58:33.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJvcgRIMa23IAR3IeJ7FfI4O0    
recGV2asJs3xh42eV Centro Medico Oasis Riverside County 88775 76th Ave, Thermal, CA 92274 33.49839 -116.11537 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 397-2501 ["Yes: appointment calendar currently full", "Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-17T18:11:11.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJ849wvXVD2oAR0wgllZzjd-A    
recRL4L5JEPTWaSJ9 Cento Medico Coachella Riverside County 55497 Van Buren St, Thermal, CA 92274 33.64309 -116.20042 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 399-4526 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available", "Yes: restricted to county residents"] 2021-05-12T22:27:03.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJdXvqMrNZ2oARHNXYhZf2jKs    
recTnHBvrdSjISst6 Eastside Health Center, Building B Riverside County 1971 University Ave, Riverside, CA 92507 33.97587 -117.35431 Hospital / Clinic 1 (951) 384-6200 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-12T21:57:48.000Z ["May 12: Only do vaccines Wednesday from 1pm-4pm and Thursday from 10am-2pm."] 1 Borrego Health ChIJJ4zGy_mv3IARhDZ-IjpHbZc    
recXQpV0gxyQRDaXa Borrego Medical Clinic San Diego County 4343 Yaqui Pass Rd PO Box 2369, Borrego Springs, CA 92004 33.1939 -116.32886 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 767-5051 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-12T18:37:15.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJSeQVMiky2oARlvDwjKZH6Nk    
recce6ldvArDkCXbU Centro Medico El Cajon San Diego County 133 W Main St, El Cajon, CA 92020 32.79478 -116.96288 Hospital / Clinic 1 (619) 401-0404 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-19T23:33:11.000Z ["May 19: Appointments are booked at the moment, the next availability will be 6/18 between 11:15AM-1:30PM Mon-Fri."] 1 Borrego Health ChIJFa2FNMhZ2YARGpi8Lc_lnII    
receQZB6uhgb2QpJs Desert Hot Springs Community Health Center Main Campus Riverside County 66675 Pierson Blvd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240 33.96117 -116.49821 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 676-5240 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-19T17:32:20.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJraihj-Uh24ARzaS5NrGltAQ    
recjjK81AtE5RKbHQ D Street Medical Center San Bernardino County 590 N D St, San Bernardino, CA 92401 34.10992 -117.29227 Hospital / Clinic 1 (909) 453-6900 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-07T16:22:56.000Z [null] 1 Borrego Health ChIJy33YtjhTw4ARj8Dd0Db658E    
recxSj95KU6tyL6BT Centro Medico Escondido San Diego County 1121 E Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92025 33.13158 -117.0691 Hospital / Clinic 1 (760) 871-0606 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-12T18:32:30.000Z ["May 12: They are giving the vaccine on Tuesdays and Fridays of every week."] 1 Borrego Health ChIJZRuDjGfz24ARQyP0yQ8tZGQ    
recyyrNSiR9QFROzd Anza Community Health Center Riverside County 58581 US Highway 371 Anza, CA 92539 33.55699 -116.63887 Hospital / Clinic 1,241617&vt=501171131 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available", "Yes: restricted to county residents"] 2021-05-19T01:45:28.000Z ["May 18: This location will be having a clinic on May 21. If there is no site at 58581 US Highway 371, a nearby site listed on the county website is at 56630 US Highway 371.\u00a0"] 1 Borrego Health ChIJp3rIbLqn24ARz80l2Qrhnqw    

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