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id Name County Address Latitude Longitude Location Type Has Report Appointment scheduling instructions Availability Info Latest report Latest report notes Latest report yes? Affiliation ▼ google_places_id vaccinefinder_location_id vaccinespotter_location_id
recjsPen4FylFhptF The Medicine Shoppe (9675 Monte Vista Ave Ste A) San Bernardino County 9675 Monte Vista Ave Ste A, Montclair, CA 91763 34.07908 -117.69771 Pharmacy 1 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-17T17:45:33.000Z ["May 17: now accepting ages 12+"] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJAQDA5ikyw4ARUVprm5EvI50 6fc9d4b3-961a-450e-bd92-1e2c6eccfc48  
recpuGhOd28VJnObW The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (195 West Shaw Ave 101A) Fresno County 195 WEST SHAW AVE 101A, CLOVIS, CA 93612 36.80907 -119.71341 Pharmacy 1 559-297-0251 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-03T21:59:10.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJHS_QL2RclIARNb8AMySH0Qc    
recZSMVpoAFz56jRk The Medicine Shoppe (170 E Tahquitz Canyon Way) Riverside County 170 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262 33.82326 -116.54601 Pharmacy 1 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-17T18:34:20.000Z ["May 17: Will vaccinate 12 and up with Pfizer. Parent accompaniment is required. "] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJAfByAZ0b24ARboQ8EyAtA_M    
recga1sMy9JNqKytQ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (2196 S Saviers Rd Mission Village Shopping Center) Ventura County 2196 S SAVIERS RD MISSION VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER, OXNARD, CA 93033 34.17857 -119.17702 Pharmacy 1 805-487-6303 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-19T01:00:01.000Z ["May 18: Moderna is only offered on Friday."] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJFS7x3IxO6IARrql2NwV6n0Y    
rec9UpRaRSugGLMUQ Bellwood Medical Center Pharmacy, Medicine Shoppe 2064 Los Angeles County 10230 Artesia Blvd Ste 101, BELLFLOWER, CA 90706 33.87272 -118.11659 Pharmacy 1 562-866-8281 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-17T18:47:33.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJT5bzLbt9hYARoq_HRSEfKNk 2f45631c-4606-411d-a8c2-9bc5a3f47dc2  
recpNwz4kDmj81Xns The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (15555 Main St Ste D8) San Bernardino County 15555 Main St Ste D8, Hesperia, CA 92345 34.42322 -117.3246 Pharmacy 1 760-948-1000 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-21T21:28:52.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJ3cd8tIVnw4ARUcS2NfRrTqg    
recokgDYy7owpw34S The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (4845 E Butler Ave) Fresno County 4845 E Butler Ave, FRESNO, CA 93727 36.72942 -119.73438 Pharmacy 1 559-255-3301 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-12T23:07:12.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJBZqQUQJflIARq4PwwYevWFo dc4218c9-f839-4cfc-a4a1-1d152717704f  
rec4coZ1RFGsfto2w The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (3507 W Walnut Avenue) Tulare County 3507 W WALNUT AVENUE, VISALIA, CA 93277 36.31269 -119.32957 Pharmacy 1 559-625-5015 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-13T18:59:25.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJ7zgJ97MolYARmR5HyCEjkoo 277cd6f7-cd5c-4c15-b512-f419c0fa400f  
recpF8sHcLM51J80i The Medicine Shoppe (31946 Mission Trail Ste. A1) Riverside County 31946 Mission Trail Ste. A1, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 33.65527 -117.29733 Pharmacy 1 (951) 245-1373 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-12T22:53:37.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJifinXt2b3IAR7nm2fIEvONw f9ba55d9-7827-4895-86fb-651960dee1f8  
recWh4tSjPjZDbOQy The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (3605 State Street) Santa Barbara County 3605 STATE STREET, SANTA BARBARA, CA 93105 34.44026 -119.74018 Pharmacy 1 805-687-1376 ["Yes: appointments available", "Yes: appointments or walk-ins accepted"] 2021-05-17T16:50:10.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJd8uHLd8U6YAR8lOytQmAcGI 19248683-835b-4ad0-9cc6-bb0131f1288f  
recH99X5ow4TgrNqX Medicine Shoppe (960 E Ojai Ave) Ventura County 960 E Ojai Ave, OJAI, CA 93023 34.44875 -119.23563 Pharmacy 1 805-646-0106 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-07T17:29:31.000Z ["May 7: Monday and Friday from 10AM-6PM the Moderna is offered. Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-6PM the Johnson & Johnson is offered"] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJWfddpTWl6YARou48MAk4zAY be60f39d-3240-4a04-91e7-db6cff3b9a71  
recK62ARujQ1DQ6Tc The Medicine Shoppe (282 Village Square) Contra Costa County 282 VILLAGE SQUARE, ORINDA, CA 94563 37.88322 -122.19054 Pharmacy 1 ["Yes: appointments or walk-ins accepted"] 2021-05-13T00:28:52.000Z ["May 12: Walk-ins welcome Monday-Friday from 12:30PM-5:30PM. Must have a valid ID."] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJhWIJO9l8hYARbuH00fqKzFE 4d3dfe4f-cf44-4020-bbb0-cb0e0dd2f869  
rec06PWgDEimWY2qI The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (227 W Janss Rd) Ventura County 227 W JANSS RD, THOUSAND OAKS, CA 91360 34.20697 -118.88433 Pharmacy 1 805-497-6113 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-13T21:33:58.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJ90gPo2ww6IARjMbac80JSYM dceb2275-39fd-466b-8042-ce5e0744606f  
recB6MR6NIizXUFwe The Medicine Shoppe (1121 South State Street) Riverside County 1121 SOUTH STATE STREET, HEMET, CA 92543 33.72897 -116.97168 Pharmacy 1 951-652-5988 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-13T18:05:26.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJz6blu29v24ARAy1sZ5rZHP0    
recQwnHF5G50Vvomx The Medicine Shoppe (4050 Phelan Rd Ste 8) San Bernardino County 4050 Phelan Rd Ste 8, Phelan, CA 92371 34.42674 -117.57367 Pharmacy 1 760-868-2800 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-06T21:57:50.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJTZ_N5ZcUw4ARgUMcpX_MUG0 d33b9483-4238-41ce-869a-312be9cb78a2  
rec98J9jAwwtDwff1 The Medicine Shoppe (1477 South San Jacinto Ave.) Riverside County 1477 South San Jacinto Ave., San Jacinto, CA 92583 33.7704 -116.95861 Pharmacy 1 951-654-2791 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: appointments available"] 2021-05-21T21:51:53.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJA99Jrcdo24ARf8eq3mEPYEo    
recvnJPwcljtkyQsQ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy (9308 B Telephone Rd) Ventura County 9308 B TELEPHONE RD, VENTURA, CA 93004 34.27069 -119.17119 Pharmacy 1 805-647-1133 ["Yes: appointments available", "Yes: appointments or walk-ins accepted"] 2021-05-12T21:34:12.000Z ["May 12: Walk-ins available between 10am-2pm only. "] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJy0i4k89M6IARDbdq68uw9Qs b20f2cac-535f-4cfb-9c35-c84d31c567f9  
recAn6pbF9j1WUKaq The Medicine Shoppe (9194 Magnolia Ave) Riverside County 9194 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92503 33.92336 -117.4407 Pharmacy 1 ["Yes: appointments or walk-ins accepted"] 2021-05-13T18:15:27.000Z ["May 13: Walk-ins welcome Monday-Saturday from 9AM-6PM. Bring a valid ID. "] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJX1nfQnCx3IARLEPhRqfxM60 bd8dce45-34bc-4fb4-876e-a431697822b7  
recwEN2qtIhANjoq2 The Medicine Shoppe #387 Ventura County 2611 E THOMPSON BLVD SUITE 103, VENTURA, CA 93003 34.27295 -119.26167 Pharmacy 1 ["Yes: appointment required"] 2021-05-12T21:05:27.000Z [null] 1 The Medicine Shoppe ChIJa55EBDyt6YAR3sPSRSOrgcU dd10b1e0-61c7-4a65-bf6d-bbdc02052fc6  

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