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1 row where Availability Info contains "Eligibility determined by state website" and Latest report yes? = 1

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id ▼ Name County Address Latitude Longitude Location Type Has Report Appointment scheduling instructions Availability Info Latest report Latest report notes Latest report yes? Affiliation google_places_id vaccinefinder_location_id vaccinespotter_location_id
reciSdZCYvGt4XWuD Immunization Clinic Napa County 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Dr Building B, Napa, CA 94558 38.24872 -122.27561 Hospital / Clinic 1 ["Yes: appointment required", "Eligibility determined by state website"] 2021-04-19T22:48:30.000Z [null] 1 County ChIJQYrxQEYGhYAR0UH6lnfdwoU    

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CREATE TABLE [locations] (
   [Name] TEXT,
   [County] TEXT,
   [Address] TEXT,
   [Latitude] FLOAT,
   [Longitude] FLOAT,
   [Location Type] TEXT,
   [Has Report] INTEGER,
   [Appointment scheduling instructions] TEXT,
   [Availability Info] TEXT,
   [Latest report] TEXT,
   [Latest report notes] TEXT,
   [Latest report yes?] INTEGER,
   [Affiliation] TEXT,
   [google_places_id] TEXT,
   [vaccinefinder_location_id] TEXT,
   [vaccinespotter_location_id] TEXT