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id Name County Address Latitude Longitude Location Type Has Report Appointment scheduling instructions Availability Info Latest report Latest report notes Latest report yes? Affiliation google_places_id vaccinefinder_location_id vaccinespotter_location_id ▼
ldkhm Kaiser USF Koret Center San Francisco 2975 Turk Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118 37.77737 -122.4547 Mobile clinic 1 628-652-2700 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: restricted to city residents", "Yes: vaccinating 65+"] 2021-04-15T21:53:54.000Z ["Apr 15: Open to SF residents 65+ or with disabilities. Parking is available in a lot on Parker Ave and Turk Blvd"] 1        
lqygf C. Robert Lee Activity Center Los Angeles County 21815 Pioneer Blvd. Hawaiian Gardens, CA 90716 33.82969 -118.08209 Mobile clinic 1 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: restricted to city residents", "Yes: vaccinating 16+"] 2021-04-25T01:01:26.000Z ["Apr 24: At last check (Apr 24) appointments available.\n\nAppointments limited to people living or working in the City of Hawaiian Gardens and surrounding communities. Free transportation is available for Hawaiian Gardens seniors and persons with disabilities. Call to make your reservation at (562) 420-2641 ext. 241.\u00a0"] 1        
recbK3aMWBScuPA7h Excelsior Strong Vaccine Site San Francisco 20 Norton Street, San Francisco, CA 94112 37.72487 -122.43537 Super Site 1 (415) 562-8638 ["Yes: appointment required", "Yes: restricted to city residents", "Yes: vaccinating 16+", "Vaccinating agriculture and food workers", "Vaccinating education and childcare workers", "Vaccinating emergency services workers", "Vaccinating high-risk individuals"] 2021-04-15T15:44:30.000Z [null] 1 County      

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   [Name] TEXT,
   [County] TEXT,
   [Address] TEXT,
   [Latitude] FLOAT,
   [Longitude] FLOAT,
   [Location Type] TEXT,
   [Has Report] INTEGER,
   [Appointment scheduling instructions] TEXT,
   [Availability Info] TEXT,
   [Latest report] TEXT,
   [Latest report notes] TEXT,
   [Latest report yes?] INTEGER,
   [Affiliation] TEXT,
   [google_places_id] TEXT,
   [vaccinefinder_location_id] TEXT,
   [vaccinespotter_location_id] TEXT